Baltisphaeridium placacanthum Appendix A

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"placacanthum" (Deflandre and Cookson, 1955, p.276-277, pl.9, figs.1-3) Downie and Sarjeant, 1965, p.94.  Emendation: May, 1980, p.68, as Systematophora placacantha.  Holotype: Deflandre and Cookson, 1955, pl.9, figs.1-2; Fauconnier and Masure, 2004, pl.76, figs.14-16.  NOW Cleistosphaeridium.  Originally Hystrichosphaeridium, subsequently Baltisphaeridium, thirdly Impletosphaeridium, fourthly Systematophora, fifthly (and now) Cleistosphaeridium.  Taxonomic junior synonyms: Baltisphaeridium (as Cleistosphaeridium) panniforme, according to Sarjeant (1984b, p.86-87); Systematophora (now Cleistosphaeridium) ancyrea, according to Stover and Evitt (1978, p.84) - however, Lentin and Williams (1981, p.272) retained Systematophora ancyrea.  Age: Miocene.

Parent: Baltisphaeridium