Bradleyella adela

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*adela (Fenton et al., 1980, p.155-156, pl.14, figs.1-4; text-figs.3A-B) Woollam, 1983, p.194.  Holotype: Fenton et al., 1980, pl.14, fig.3; text-figs.3A-B; Fensome et al., 1993a, fig.1 - p.883.  Originally Dichadogonyaulax, subsequently Ctenidodinium, thirdly (and now) BradleyellaFenton et al. (1980) cited the epithet as "adelos", the Greek adjective for "obscure".  Since Principle 5 of the I.C.B.N. states that taxon names are to be treated as Latin, this epithet should be rendered as "adela", in agreement with the feminine gender of the generic name ("adelum" would be the neuter form, and "adelus" the masculine form).  Age: Late Bajocian.

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Parent: Bradleyella