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BRIGANTEDINIUM Reid, 1977, p.432 ex Lentin and Williams, 1993, p.67.  Originally Brigantedinium (name not validly published), subsequently Protoperidinium subgenus Protoperidinium section Brigantedinium (name not validly published), thirdly (and now) Brigantedinium.  The generic name Brigantedinium was not validly published in Reid (1977) since the name of the "type species", Brigantedinium simplex (which see), was not validly published, there being no accompanying Latin diagnosis, a requirement since this species is based on living material (I.C.B.N. Article 36.1).  The name Brigantedinium was not validly published in Harland et al. (1980, p.22), since these authors did not provide a direct reference to the diagnosis for the genus (I.C.B.N. Article 45.1).  By providing complete citations for the names Brigantedinium and Brigantedinium simplex, including Latin diagnoses, Lentin and Williams (1993, p.67) validated both names.  Reid (1977, p.432) provided a Latin diagnosis.  Type: Wall, 1965b, text-figs.7,20, as Chytroeisphaeridia simplex.


Parent: Subfamily Protoperidinioideae

Species List: