Buedingiisphaeridium brevispinosum subsp. callosum Appendix A

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"subsp. callosum" (Sannemann, 1955, p.325-326, pl.1, figs.1-4,7; pl.3, figs.2-5,10; pl.4, figs.3-9; pl.6, figs.11-12; text-figs.2a-d) Moreau-Benoit, 1974, p.77-78.  Holotype: Sannemann, 1955, pl.4, fig.3.  Combination not validly published: specific name not validly published.  NOW Baltisphaeridium brevispinosum subsp. callosum (Appendix A - see discussion therein).  Originally Hystrichosphaeridium brevispinosum subsp. callosum, subsequently Buedingiisphaeridium brevispinosum subsp. callosum (combination not validly published), thirdly (and now) Baltisphaeridium brevispinosum subsp. callosum (Appendix A).  This combination was not validly published in Moreau-Benoit (1974) additionally since that author did not specify the taxonomic rank.  Age: Devonian (Late Givetian). Parent: Buedingiisphaeridium brevispinosum