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"CADOSINA" Wanner, 1940, p.79.  Calcareous dinoflagellate genus, originally described as a foraminifer.  Name not validly published: type not validly published.  Taxonomic senior synonym: Hemistomiosphaera, by implication in Řehánek and Cecca (1993, p.155), who believed Cadosina to be the senior name.  Taxonomic senior synonym: Obliquipithonella, by implication in Reháková and Michalík (1996, p.93), who believed Cadosina to be the senior name - however, Obliquipithonella is now considered a taxonomic junior synonym of Pirumella and Réhaková and Michalík did indicate Cadosina to be a taxonomic synonym of Pirumella. Taxonomic synonyms: Stomiosphaera (name not validly published), according to Bonet (1956, p.447-448), who considered Cadosina to be the junior name - however, I. Nagy (1966, p.87) proposed the retention of Cadosina.  According to Řehánek and Cecca (1993, p.155), Řehánek (1985a) provided an emendation; however, the latter author did not indicate that he was emending Cadosina.  Type: not designated; "type species" - Cadosina fusca (name not validly published).

Parent: Subfamily Calciodinelloideae

Species List: