Cadosina fusca subsp. misolensis

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"subsp. misolensis" Vogler, 1941, p.281, pl.20, fig.7.  Holotype: Vogler, 1941, pl.20, fig.7.  Name not validly published: species name not validly published.  Originally (and now) Cadosina fusca subsp. misolensis (name not validly published), subsequently Stomiosphaera fusca subsp. misolensis (name not validly published).  Vogler (1941) gave the citation "Cadosina fusca misolensis n.sp." Under the I.C.B.N., this would be an unacceptable trinomial species name, but by assigning taxa to the Cadosinidae Vogler was clearly using zoological nomenclature.  For convenience of treatment we have arbitrarily listed it as a subspecies.  Age: Late Jurassic?-Neocomian?. Parent: Cadosina fusca