Cannosphaeropsis aemula

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"aemula" (Deflandre, 1939a, p.187-189, pl.9, fig.12; pl.10, figs.5-8; pl.11, figs.1,7) Deflandre, 1947a, p.1576.  Emendation: Below, 1982b, p.139-140, as Rigaudella aemula.  Holotype: Deflandre, 1939a, pl.11, fig.1; Eisenack and Kjellström, 1972, figure to left on p.43; Fensome et al., 1995, fig.1 - p.1473; fig.2 - p.1475.  NOW Rigaudella.  Originally Hystrichosphaeridium, subsequently Cannosphaeropsis, thirdly Adnatosphaeridium, fourthly (and now) Rigaudella.  Taxonomic junior synonym: Cannosphaeropsis paucispina, according to Below (1982b, p.139).  Age: Oxfordian.

Parent: Cannosphaeropsis

Infrataxon List: