Ceratiopsis Vozzhennikova 1963

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"CERATIOPSIS" Vozzhennikova, 1963, p.181.  Emendation: Bujak et al., 1980, p.27.  Name illegitimate - senior homonym: Ceratiopsis de Wildeman, 1896Taxonomic senior synonym: Cerodinium, by implication in Lentin and Williams (1977b, p.20), who considered Ceratiopsis to be the senior name.  Taxonomic senior synonym: Deflandrea, according to Lentin and Williams (1976, p.153) - however, Lentin and Williams (1985, p.48) retained CeratiopsisLindgren (1985, p.670) maintained that the name Ceratiopsis was not validly published in Vozzhennikova 1963, stating that the species Ceratiopsis leptoderma was described, but not the genus Ceratiopsis and that the latter was not monotypic, containing three species.  However, since only one species, Ceratiopsis leptoderma, was assigned to Ceratiopsis by Vozzhennikova (1963), the single description provided can be applied to both genus and species and the name Ceratiopsis can be deemed to have been validly published in Vozzhennikova (1963) (I.C.B.N. Article 42.1).  Type: Vozzhennikova, 1963, text-fig.8, as Ceratiopsis leptoderma.

Parent: Subfamily Deflandreoideae