Chatangiella vnigrii subsp. echinata

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"subsp. echinata" Wheeler and Sarjeant, 1990, p.317-318, pl.15, figs.1-4; text-figs.13a-b ex Wheeler and Sarjeant, 1992, p.382.  Holotype: Wheeler and Sarjeant, 1990, pl.15, figs.1-2; text-figs.13a-b.  Originally Chatangiella vnigrii subsp. echinata, subsequently Chatangiella granulifera subsp. echinataTaxonomic senior synonym (at specific rank): Chatangiella madura, according to Lebedeva (2000, p.115).  This name was not validly published in Wheeler and Sarjeant (1990), since the lodgment of the holotype was not specified (I.C.B.N. Article 37.5).  Age: Campanian. Parent: Chatangiella vnigrii