Coronifera oceanica subsp. hebospina

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subsp. hebospina Yun Hyesu, 1981, p.23-24, pl.12, figs.2,4,6a-b; text-fig.6b.  Holotype: Yun Hyesu, 1981, pl.12, figs.6a-b; Fensome et al., 1991, figs.3-4 - p.643; fig.3 - p.697.  Originally (and now) Coronifera oceanica subsp. hebospina, subsequently Coronifera pedata subsp. hebospinaLentin and Williams (1989, p.77) inadvertently both transferred this taxon to Coronifera pedata and retained it as a subspecies of Coronifera oceanicaLentin and Williams (1993, p.131) retained this taxon as a subspecies of Coronifera oceanica.  Age: Early Santonian. Parent: Coronifera oceanica