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CYCLONEPHELIUM Deflandre and Cookson, 1955, p.285.  Emendations: Cookson and Eisenack, 1962b, p.493-494; Williams and Downie, 1966c, p.223; Ioannides et al., 1977, p.450; Sarjeant and Stover, 1978, p.51; Stover and Evitt, 1978, p.35; Dörhöfer and Davies, 1980, p.41.  Taxonomic junior synonyms: Circulodinium, according to Davey (1978, p.894) - however, Jansonius (1986, p.204) retained Circulodinium; Tenua Eisenack, according to Sarjeant and Stover (1978, p.49) - however, Sarjeant (1985a, p.93) retained Tenua Eisenack.  Cyclonephelium was a not validly published in Deflandre and Cookson (1954, p.1237), since these authors did not provide a description.  Type: Deflandre and Cookson, 1955, pl.2, fig.12, as Cyclonephelium compactum.


Parent: Family Areoligeraceae

Species List:

Cyclonephelium ambiguum
Cyclonephelium areolatum
"Cyclonephelium asperum"
"Cyclonephelium assamicum"
"Cyclonephelium asymmetricum"
"Cyclonephelium attadalicum"
"Cyclonephelium australe"
Cyclonephelium baculatum
"Cyclonephelium barbiferum"
"Cyclonephelium brevispinatum"
"Cyclonephelium brevispinosum"
Cyclonephelium bulbosum
"Cyclonephelium castelcasiense"
Cyclonephelium chabaca
Cyclonephelium circulatum
Cyclonephelium clathromarginatum
Cyclonephelium combibaculum
"Cyclonephelium combinatum"
*Cyclonephelium compactum
Cyclonephelium crassimarginatum
"Cyclonephelium cuculliforme"
Cyclonephelium deconinckii
"Cyclonephelium densebarbatum"
"Cyclonephelium distinctum"
"Cyclonephelium divaricatum"
"Cyclonephelium downiei"
Cyclonephelium dubium
"Cyclonephelium eisenackii"
"Cyclonephelium expansum"
"Cyclonephelium exuberans"
Cyclonephelium filoreticulatum
Cyclonephelium formosum
Cyclonephelium granulatum
Cyclonephelium hexalobosum
"Cyclonephelium hirtellum"
Cyclonephelium hughesii
"Cyclonephelium hystrix"
Cyclonephelium inconspicuum
"Cyclonephelium incultum"
"Cyclonephelium indicum Khanna and Singh 1981b"
"Cyclonephelium indicum Mehrotra and Sarjeant 1987"
Cyclonephelium intonsum
"Cyclonephelium intricatum"
"Cyclonephelium laciniiforme"
"Cyclonephelium lemniscatum"
Cyclonephelium longispinatum
Cyclonephelium longispinosum
Cyclonephelium maugaad
"Cyclonephelium membraniphorum"
"Cyclonephelium microfenestratum"
Cyclonephelium operculatum
"Cyclonephelium ordinatum"
"Cyclonephelium palliatum"
"Cyclonephelium pastielsii"
Cyclonephelium paucimarginatum
"Cyclonephelium paucispinum"
"Cyclonephelium perforatum"
"Cyclonephelium reductum"
"Cyclonephelium regulatum"
"Cyclonephelium reticulosum"
"Cyclonephelium retiintextum"
"Cyclonephelium semicirculatum"
"Cyclonephelium semitectum"
"Cyclonephelium spinetum"
"Cyclonephelium tabulatum"
Cyclonephelium tarimense
"Cyclonephelium textum"
Cyclonephelium uncinatum
Cyclonephelium vannophorum
"Cyclonephelium variabile"
"Cyclonephelium variatum"
"Cyclonephelium vicinum"
"Cyclonephelium vitilare"