Dapsilidinium pastielsii

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*pastielsii (Davey and Williams, 1966b, p.92-93, pl.4, fig.10) Bujak et al., 1980, p.28.  Holotype: Davey and Williams, 1966b, pl.4, fig.10; Eisenack and Kjellström, 1972, p.923; Bujak et al., 1980, pl.6, figs.6,9; Fensome et al., 1995, fig.1 - p.1647; Fauconnier and Masure, 2004, pl.19, figs.17-19.  Originally Polysphaeridium, subsequently (and now) Dapsilidinium.  Age: Early Eocene.

Dapsilidinium pastielsii.jpg

Parent: Dapsilidinium