Evansia alaskensis

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alaskensis (Wiggins, 1975, p.104, pl.2, figs.7-8) Below, 1990, p.72.  Holotype: Wiggins, 1975, pl.2, fig.7.  Originally Pareodinia, subsequently Glomodinium (combination not validly published), thirdly (and now) Evansia.  Taxonomic junior synonyms: Pareodinia minuta and Pareodinia robusta, both according to Below (1990, p.72) - however, Poulsen (1996, p.62) retained Pareodinia robustaBelow (1990, p.65) suggested that Pareodinia arctica may be a smooth variant of this species.  Age: ?Callovian-mid Kimmeridgian.

Parent: Evansia