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"GALEA" Maier, 1959, p.305.  Name illegitimate - senior homonyms: Galea, Meuschen, 1787; Galea Cuvier, 1817; Galea Smith, 1817; Galea Meyen, 1833; Galea Moerch, 1852; Galea Kristan, 1957 (following Gerlach, 1961, p.198, who did not provide further information on the references except Kristan, 1957).  Taxonomic senior synonym: Chiropteridium, by implication in Sarjeant (1983, p.108), who transferred the "type species" of Galea, Galea galea, to Chiropteridium.  Type: Maier, 1959, pl.29, fig.4, as Galea galea.

Parent: Family Areoligeraceae

Species List: