Goniodoma polyedrica Appendix B

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polyedrica (Pouchet, 1883, p.42, fig.34) Jörgensen, 1900, p.33.  Holotype: Pouchet, 1883, fig.34.  Originally Peridinium (Appendix B), subsequently (and now) Goniodoma, thirdly HeteraulacacystaLentin and Williams (1973, p.67-68) retained this species in Goniodoma, restricting it to modern forms.  Morgenroth (1966a, p.7) included Eocene fossils in this modern, motile-based species.  Lentin and Williams (1973, p.67-68) proposed Heteraulacacysta fehmarnensis for fossil cysts which resemble Goniodoma polyedrica.  Age: extant.

Parent: Goniodoma