Gonyaulacysta dualis

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dualis (Brideaux and Fisher, 1976, p.18-20, pl.1, figs.4-6,8-12; pl.2, figs.1-2) Stover and Evitt, 1978, p.158.  Holotype: Brideaux and Fisher, 1976, pl.1, figs.4-5; Jan du Chêne et al., 1986a, pl.37, figs.11-12.  Originally Psaligonyaulax, subsequently (and now) Gonyaulacysta.  Taxonomic senior synonym: Gonyaulax (as Gonyaulacysta) jurassica, according to Sarjeant (1982b, p.29) - however, Jan du Chêne et al. (1986a, p.131) retained Gonyaulacysta dualis.  Taxonomic junior synonym: Psaligonyaulax australica, according to Brenner (1988, p.54).  Age: Late Oxfordian-Late Kimmeridgian.

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Parent: Gonyaulacysta