Gonyaulax cladophora subsp. hemipolyedrica Appendix B

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"subsp. hemipolyedrica" Klement, 1960, p.36, pl.3, figs.10-12; text-figs.14-15.  Holotype: Klement, 1960, pl.3, figs.10-11.  NOW Rhynchodiniopsis cladophora subsp. hemipolyedrica.  Originally Gonyaulax cladophora subsp. hemipolyedrica, subsequently Gonyaulacysta cladophora subsp. hemipolyedrica, thirdly Hystrichogonyaulax cladophora subsp. hemipolyedrica, fourthly (and now) Rhynchodiniopsis cladophora subsp. hemipolyedrica.  Taxonomic senior synonym: Gonyaulax (as Rhynchodiniopsis) cladophora subsp. cladophora, by implication in Brenner (1988, p.72), who listed this subspecies as a taxonomic junior synonym of Rhynchodiniopsis cladophora - however, Lentin and Williams (1993, p.566) retained Gonyaulax (as Rhynchodiniopsis) cladophora subsp. hemipolyedrica.  Age: Early Kimmeridgian. Parent: Gonyaulax cladophora