Gonyaulax decapitata Appendix B

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"decapitata" Wetzel, 1967a, p.869, pl.16, figs.7a-b.  Emendation: Sarjeant, 1980b, p.121, as Meiourogonyaulax decapitata. Holotype: Wetzel, 1967a, pl.16, figs.7a-b; Sarjeant, 1980b, pl.3, figs.1-3; text-fig.3; Dietz et al., 1999, text-fig.5b.  Originally Gonyaulax, subsequently Meiourogonyaulax, thirdly Lithodinia, fourthly Meiourogonyaulax? Taxonomic senior synonym: Meiourogonyaulax (as Lithodinia) valensii Sarjeant, 1966b, according to Fenton (1981, p.253) and Williams et al. (1993, p.56).  Age: Bajocian.

Parent: Gonyaulax