Gonyaulax digitalis subsp. secunda Appendix B

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subsp. secunda Fuchs and Sütő-Szentai, 1991, p.24, pl.8, figs.1-5; text-fig.2, nos.2 (two illustrations), 3.  Holotype: Fuchs and Sütő-Szentai, 1991, pl.8, fig.5, text-fig.2, no.2 (two illustrations).  This name was not validly published in Sütő-Szentai (1988, p.344, pl.3, fig.4) and Sütő-Szentai (1991, p.190, pl.F, fig.d), since these authors did not provide a description.  Age: Early Pannonian. Parent: Gonyaulax digitalis