Gonyaulax granuligera Appendix B

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"granuligera" Klement, 1960, p.41-42, pl.5, figs.4-5.  Emendation: Sarjeant, 1984a, p.156, as Cryptarchaeodinium granuligerum. Holotype: Klement, 1960, pl.5, figs.4-5; Sarjeant, 1984a, pl.1, figs.3-4; text-fig.1; and Jan du Chêne et al., 1986a, pl.27, figs.11-14.  NOW Cribroperidinium.  Originally Gonyaulax, subsequently Gonyaulacysta, thirdly (and now) Cribroperidinium, fourthly Rhynchodiniopsis, fifthly Cryptarchaeodinium, sixthly Acanthaulax.  Taxonomic senior synonym: Gonyaulax (as Gonyaulacysta, now Cribroperidinium) granulata, according to Fisher and Riley (1980, p.321) - however, Sarjeant (1984a, p.156) retained Gonyaulax (as Cryptarchaeodinium) granuligera.  Age: Mid Oxfordian-Early Kimmeridgian.

Parent: Gonyaulax