Gonyaulax helicoidea Appendix B

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"helicoidea" Eisenack and Cookson, 1960, p.2-3, pl.1, figs.4-6,9 (figs.5-6 are now Gonyaulacysta cassidata).  Emendations: Sarjeant, 1966b, p.116, as Gonyaulacysta helicoidea; Helenes and Lucas-Clark, 1997, p.187-188, as Wrevittia helicoidea. Holotype: Eisenack and Cookson, 1960, pl.1, fig.4; Jan du Chêne et al., 1986a, pl.40, figs.4-5.  NOW Wrevittia.  Originally Gonyaulax, subsequently Gonyaulacysta, thirdly (and now) Wrevittia.  Taxonomic junior synonym: Gonyaulacysta (now Wrevittia?) diutina, according to Stover and Helby (1987d, p.287) - however, Jan du Chêne et al. (1986a, p.131) and Lentin and Williams (1989, p.152) retained Gonyaulacysta (now Wrevittia?) diutina.  Age: Neocomian-Aptian.

Parent: Gonyaulax