Gonyaulax nuciformis Appendix B

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"nuciformis" Deflandre, 1939a, p.180, pl.8, figs.4-6 ex Sarjeant, 1962a, p.482-483.  Holotype: Deflandre, 1938, pl.8, fig.6; Jan du Chêne et al., 1986a, pl.11, figs.1-3.  NOW Cribroperidinium.  Originally Palaeoperidinium (name not valdily published), subsequently Gonyaulax, thirdly Gonyaulacysta, fourthly Apteodinium, fifthly Millioudodinium, sixthly (and now) Cribroperidinium.  Taxonomic junior synonym: Palaeoperidinium nuciformoides, according to Sarjeant (1968, p.227).  The name Palaeoperidinium nuciforme was not validly published in Deflandre (1939a) since the generic name Palaeoperidinium was not validly published until 1967.  Age: Oxfordian.

Parent: Gonyaulax