Gonyaulax pachyderma Appendix B

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"pachyderma" Deflandre, 1939a, p.176-178, pl.7, figs.6-10; text-figs.7-10.  Holotype: Deflandre, 1939a, pl.7, figs.6-7.  NOW Korystrocysta.  Originally Gonyaulax, subsequently Gonyaulacysta, thirdly Ctenidodinium, fourthly Ctenidodinium?, fifthly (and now) Korystocysta, sixthly Dichadogonyaulax.  Taxonomic junior synonyms: Leptodinium norrisii, according to Benson (1985, p.154); Dichadogonyaulax (subsequently Korystocysta) kettonensis, by implication in Conway (1990, p.35), who considered Dichadogonyaulax kettonensis to be the senior name - however, Lentin and Williams (1993, p.374) retained Dichadogonyaulax (as Korystocysta) kettonensis.  Age: Oxfordian.

Parent: Gonyaulax