Gonyaulax rhaetica Appendix B

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"rhaetica" Sarjeant, 1963b, p.353; text-figs.1-2(left).  Emendations: Harland et al., 1975, p.862; Fisher and van Helden, 1979, p.270; Below, 1987a, p.105-106, all as Rhaetogonyaulax rhaetica. Holotype: Sarjeant, 1963b, text-figs.1-2 (left).  NOW Rhaetogonyaulax.  Originally Gonyaulax, subsequently (and now) Rhaetogonyaulax.  Taxonomic junior synonyms: Rhaetogonyaulax testacea, Rhaetogonyaulax tortuosa and Rhaetogonyaulax uncinata, all according to Below (1987a, p.105).  Age: Late Triassic.

Parent: Gonyaulax