Heptasphaera paulaworstelliae

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paulaworstelliae Bolli, 1978b, p.912, pl.1, figs.1-12 ex Lentin and Williams, 1985, p.379.  Holotype: Bolli, 1978b, pl.1, figs.7-9.  Originally Bonetocardiella (name not validly published), subsequently (and now) Heptasphaera.  This combination was not validly published in Keupp (1981, p.57), since that author did not fully reference the basionym.  The name Bonetocardiella paulaworstelliae was not validly published in Bolli (1978b), since the generic name Bonetocardiella is not validly published.  Age: Oxfordian-Kimmeridgian.

Parent: Heptasphaera