Hystrichosphaera cingulata var. polygonalis

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"var. polygonalis" Clarke and Verdier, 1967, p.47, pl.8, figs.7-8; text-fig.20.  Holotype: Clarke and Verdier, 1967, pl.8, fig.7; Jan du Chêne et al., 1986a, pl.89, figs.7-9.  NOW Pterodinium cingulatum subsp. polygonale.  Originally Hystrichosphaera cingulata var. polygonalis, subsequently Spiniferites cingulatus subsp. polygonalis, thirdly Spiniferites? cingulatus subsp. polygonalis, fourthly (and now) Pterodinium cingulatum subsp. polygonale.  Taxonomic senior synonyms (at specific rank): Hystrichosphaera (now Spiniferites) crassimurata, according to Clarke et al. (1968, p.181) and Cymatiosphaera (now Pterodinium?) pterota, according to Pavlishina (1990, p.95) - however, Paul et al. (1994, p.722) retained Hystrichosphaera cingulata subsp. polygonalis (as Pterodinium cingulatum subsp. polygonale).  Age: Late Cenomanian-Early Turonian. Parent: Hystrichosphaera cingulata