Hystrichosphaera ramosa var. multiplicata

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"var. multiplicata" (Rossignol, 1964, p.86, pl.1, fig.14; pl.3, fig.16) Harland and Downie, 1969, p.232.  Holotype: Rossignol, 1964, pl.1, fig.14.  Combination not validly published: basionym not fully referenced.  Originally Hystrichosphaera furcata var. multiplicata, subsequently Hystrichosphaera ramosa var. multiplicata (combination not validly published), thirdly Spiniferites ramosus subsp. multiplicatusTaxonomic senior synonym (at specific rank): Hystrichosphaera (as Spiniferites) hyperacantha, according to Matsuoka (1985a, p.35).  Age: Pleistocene-Holocene. Parent: Hystrichosphaera ramosa