Hystrichosphaeridium complex

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"complex" (White, 1842, p.39, pl.4, fig.11) Deflandre, 1946b, p.111.  Holotype: White, 1842, pl.4, fig.11, lost according to Davey and Williams (1966b, p.74).  Neotype: Davey and Williams, 1966b, pl.7, fig.1, designated by Davey and Williams (1966b, p.71).  NOW Oligosphaeridium complex.  Originally Xanthidium tubiferum var. complex (Appendix A), subsequently Xanthidium complex (Appendix A), thirdly Hystrichosphaeridium complex, fourthly (and now) Oligosphaeridium complex.  Taxonomic junior synonyms: Hystrichosphaeridium elegantulum, according to Deflandre (1946b, p.111); Hystrichosphaeridium himalayense, according to Jain and Garg (1986b, p.64); Oligosphaeridium cephalum, according to Lejeune-Carpentier and Sarjeant (1981, p.9) and Jain (1982, p.52); Geodia? irregularis (Appendix A; subsequently Hystrichosphaeridium speciale), according to Harker and Sarjeant in Harker et al. (1990, p.59).  Age: Senonian.

Parent: Hystrichosphaeridium