Hystrichosphaeridium xanthiopyxides var. granulosum

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"var. granulosum" Deflandre, 1937b, p.77, pl.16 (al. pl.13), fig.4.  Holotype: Deflandre, 1937b, pl.16 (al. pl.13), fig.4; Fauconnier and Masure, 2004, pl.66, fig.4.  NOW Prolixosphaeridium granulosum.  Originally Hystrichosphaeridium xanthiopyxides var. granulosum, subsequently Baltisphaeridium xanthiopyxides var. granulosum (combination not validly published; Appendix A), thirdly Baltisphaeridium granulosum (Appendix A), fourthly (and now) Prolixosphaeridium granulosum.  Taxonomic junior synonyms (at specific rank): Baltisphaeridium pilosum var. longispinosum (as Tenua pilosa subsp. longispinosa), according to Sarjeant (1976c, p.19) - however, Erkmen and Sarjeant (1980, p.64-65) considered Baltisphaeridium pilosum var. longispinosum to be a taxonomic junior synonym (at specific rank) of Prolixosphaeridium anasillum, not of Hystrichosphaeridium xanthiopyxides var. granulosum (as Prolixosphaeridium granulosum); Prolixosphaeridium anasillum, according to Lentin and Williams (1993, p.539) - however, this synonymy was based on a mis-reading of Erkmen and Sarjeant (1980).  Age: Senonian. Parent: Hystrichosphaeridium xanthiopyxides