Impletosphaeridium polypes subsp. clavulum

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"subsp. clavulum" (Davey, 1969a, p.154-155, pl.6, figs.9-10) He Chengquan and Li Peng, 1981, p.65.  Holotype: Davey, 1969a, pl.6, fig.9; Fauconnier and Masure, 2004, pl.50, fig.1.  NOW Impletosphaeridium clavulum.  Originally Cleistosphaeridium polypes var. clavulum, subsequently Cleistosphaeridium polypes subsp. clavulum, thirdly Impletosphaeridium polypes subsp. clavulum, fourthly Bacchidinium polypes subsp. clavulum, fifthly Cleistosphaeridium clavulum, sixthly (and now) Impletosphaeridium clavulum.  Age: Cenomanian. Parent: Impletosphaeridium polypes