Jusella denticulata

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*denticulata Vozzhennikova, 1963, p.183; text-figs.19a-b.  Holotype: Vozzhennikova, 1963, text-figs.19a-b; Vozzhennikova, 1967, pl.52, figs.4-5; lost according to Vozzhennikova (1967, p.119).  Vozzhennikova (1967, p.119) considered that no description had been provided under this name by Vozzhennikova (1963).  However, since the latter author provided a description for the genus Jusella, and since Jusella denticulata was the only species proposed at that time, the generic description also applied to the species (I.C.B.N. Article 42.1).  The name Jusella denticulata was thus validly published in Vozzhennikova (1963).  Age: Early Oligocene.

Parent: Jusella