Lejeunia aechmophora

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"aechmophora" Benedek, 1972, p.41, pl.5, figs.7,11; text-fig.17.  Emendation: Benedek and Sarjeant, 1981, p.340-341, as Gerlachidium aechmophorum.  Holotype: Benedek, 1972, pl.5, fig.7; text-fig.17; Benedek and Sarjeant, 1981, figs.7,9, nos.1-2; Fensome et al., 1993a, figs.1-2 - p.887.  NOW Gerlachidium.  Originally Lejeunia (generic name illegitimate), subsequently Wilsonidium?, thirdly Lejeunecysta, fourthly (and now) Gerlachidium.  Following I.C.B.N. Article 55.1, the species name Lejeunia aechmophora is validly published even though the generic name Lejeunia is illegitimate.  Age: mid-late Oligocene.

Parent: Lejeunia_Gerlach 1961_Gerlach 1961