Meiourogonyaulax acanthosphaera

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?acanthosphaera (Sarjeant, 1961a, p.94-95, pl.13, fig.14; text-fig.4) Sarjeant, 1976c, p.12.  Emendation: Sarjeant, 1976c, p.12, as Meiourogonyaulax? acanthosphaera.  Holotype: Sarjeant, 1961a, pl.13, fig.14; text-fig.4; Sarjeant, 1976c, pl.5, figs.2,4.  Originally Gonyaulax (Appendix B), subsequently Acanthogonyaulax (combination not validly published), thirdly Acanthaulax, fourthly Meiourogonyaulax, fifthly (and now) Meiourogonyaulax?, sixthly Lithodinia, seventhly Lithodinia?.  This species is here retained in Meiourogonyaulax following the retention of the genus by Riding and Helby (2001d, p.81,83).  Questionable assignment: Sarjeant (1976c, p.12).  Age: Early Oxfordian.

Parent: Meiourogonyaulax