Meristaulax granulata Brenner 1988

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"*granulata" Brenner, 1988, p.65-66, pl.3, figs.2,5.  Holotype: Sarjeant, 1984a, pl.3, figs.3-4; text-fig.3; Jan du Chêne et al., 1986a, pl.27, figs.7-10; Brenner, 1988, pl.3, figs.2,5; Fensome et al., 1995, figs.5-6 - p.1525; designated by Brenner (1988, p.65).  Name illegitimate - senior homonym: Meristaulax granulata (Klement, 1960) Sarjeant, 1984aNOW Cribroperidinium swithini.  Originally Meristaulax granulata Brenner (name illegitimate), subsequently (and now) Cribroperidinium swithiniSarjeant (1984a, p.161-162) designated a lectotype in place of the disintegrated holotype of Gonyaulax (as Meristaulax Sarjeant, now Acanthaulax) granulata Klement, 1960Brenner (1988, p.35) argued that Sarjeant's lectotype was not conspecific with Klement's holotype for the species and thus designated a second lectotype; at the same time, Brenner transferred Meristaulax granulata (Klement) to Acanthaulax.  Simultaneously, Brenner (1988, p.65) treated as a separate genus and species "Meristaulax granulata sensu Sarjeant 1984[a]" with Sarjeant's lectotype designated as holotype.  Brenner thus effectively created an illegitimate junior homonym, Meristaulax granulata Brenner, 1988, of Meristaulax granulata (Klement, 1960) Sarjeant, 1984a.  Age: Late Jurassic.

Parent: Meristaulax_Brenner 1988_Brenner 1988