Micrhystridium stimuliferum subsp. complanatum Appendix A

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?subsp. complanatum (Wetzel, 1952, p.404-405, pl.A, figs.11a-b) Sarjeant and Stancliffe, 1994, p.18.  Emendation: Sarjeant, 1984c, p.142, as Solisphaeridium stimuliferum subsp. complanatum (Appendix A).  Holotype: Wetzel, 1952, pl.A, figs.11a-b; Sarjeant, 1984c, pl.4, fig.6; text-fig.13.  Originally Hystrichosphaeridium oligacanthum subsp. complanatum, subsequently Baltisphaeridium oligacanthum subsp. complanatum (Appendix A), thirdly Cleistosphaeridium? oligacanthum subsp. complanatum, fourthly Solisphaeridium stimuliferum subsp. complanatum, fifthly (and now) Micrhystridium stimuliferum? subsp. complanatum.  Questionable assignment: Sarjeant and Stancliffe (1994, p.18).  Age: Paleocene. Parent: Micrhystridium stimuliferum