Peridinium stellatum Appendix B

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"stellatum" Wall in Wall and Dale, 1968c, p.275, pl.2, figs.13-15; pl.3, figs.16-21.  Holotype: Wall and Dale, 1968c, pl.3, figs.16-21.  NOW Protoperidinium (Appendix B).  Originally Peridinium, subsequently Stelladinium, thirdly (and now) Protoperidinium (Appendix B).  Taxonomic senior synonym: Peridinium (now Protoperidinium) compressum Abé, 1927, according to Loeblich III (1970, p.895-896) and Head (1996b, p.1228) - however, Head in Rochon et al. (1999, p.48) retained Peridinium (as Protoperidinium) stellatum.  Age: Holocene.

Parent: Peridinium