Peridinium tricuspe Appendix B

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"tricuspe" Wetzel, 1933a, p.166, pl.2, fig.14.  Emendation: Lejeune-Carpentier and Sarjeant, 1981, p.20, as Lejeunecysta tricuspis.  Holotype: Wetzel, 1933a, pl.2, fig.14; Lejeune-Carpentier, 1942, fig.21; Lejeune-Carpentier and Sarjeant, 1981, pl.6, fig.5.  NOW Phelodinium.  Originally Peridinium, subsequently Lejeunia (combination illegitimate), thirdly Astrocysta, fourthly Senegalinium, fifthly Lejeunecysta, sixthly (and now) Phelodinium.  Taxonomic junior synonym: Lejeunia (now Phelodinium) kozlowskii, according to Harker and Sarjeant (1975, p.223) - however, Lindgren (1984, p.181) retained Phelodinium kozlowskii.  This name was not validly published in Wetzel (1932, p.142 caption to pl.2, fig.11), since no description was given.  Age: Senonian.

Parent: Peridinium