Pernambugia tuberosa forma variospinosa

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forma variospinosa (Hildebrand-Habel et al., 1999) comb. nov. Sphaerodinella tuberosa forma variospinosa Hildebrand-Habel et al., 1999, p.83-84, pl.5, figs.8-15, text-fig.7A-C.  Holotype: Hildebrand-Habel et al., 1999, pl.5, figs.8-11.  Originally Sphaerodinella? tuberosa forma variospinosa, subsequently (and now) Pernambugia tuberosa forma variospinosa.  The combination Pernambugia tuberosa forma variospinosa is proposed here since the species is now assigned to the genus Pernambugia.  Age: Mid Eocene. Parent: Pernambugia tuberosa