Phanerodinium cayeuxii subsp. laeve

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"subsp. laeve" (Lejeune-Carpentier, 1951, p.B310-B311; text-fig.6) Lentin and Williams, 1973, p.112.  Emendation: Lejeune-Carpentier and Sarjeant, 1983, p.4, as Druggidium laeve.  Holotype: Lejeune-Carpentier, 1951, text-fig.6.  NOW Druggidium? laeve.  Originally Phanerodinium cayeuxii var. laeve, subsequently Phanerodinium cayeuxii subsp. laeve, thirdly Druggidium laeve, fourthly (and now) Druggidium? laeve.  Age: Senonian. Parent: Phanerodinium cayeuxii