Pseudokomewuia subgenus Condocorpidia

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PSEUDOKOMEWUIA subgenus CONDOCORPIDIA He Chengquan, 1980, p.4.  He Chengquan (1980 and 1984b) included the following species in this subgenus: Pseudokomewuia (Condocorpidia) radiata, Pseudokomewuia (Condocorpidia) retirugosa, Pseudokomewuia (Condocorpidia) shangsica, Pseudokomewuia (Condocorpidia) tuberculata, and Pseudokomewuia (Condocorpidia) unicornis.  Liu Zhili and Zheng Yuefang in Liu Zhili et al. (1992, p.81) included Pseudokomewuia longangulata in this subgenus.  Citations for the above species are included under the genus Pseudokomewuia.  Type: He Chengquan, 1980, pl.1, fig.14, as Pseudokomewuia unicornis.