Rhombodinium glabrum subsp. crassithecum

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subsp. crassithecum (Vozzhennikova, 1967, p.170, pl.91, figs.1-2,4-6) Lentin and Williams, 1973, p.120.  Holotype: Vozzhennikova, 1967, pl.91, fig.1; Lentin and Vozzhennikova, 1990, text-fig.40; lost according to Lentin and Vozzhennikova (1990, p.76).  Originally Rhombodinium glabrum forma crassithecum, subsequently (and now) Rhombodinium glabrum subsp. crassithecum.  According to Lentin and Vozzhennikova (1990, p.76), no potential lectotype is available.  These authors recommended that this name be restricted to the type.  Age: Late Eocene-Early Oligocene. Parent: Rhombodinium glabrum