Spiniferites cingulatus subsp. intermedius

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"subsp. intermedius" (Cookson and Eisenack, 1974, p.64, pl.23, figs.8-9,11) Lentin and Williams, 1977b, p.149.  Holotype: Cookson and Eisenack, 1974, pl.23, fig.8, lost according to Jan du Chêne et al. (1986a, p.274).  NOW Pterodinium cingulatum subsp. intermedium.  Originally Spiniferites cingulatus var. intermedius, subsequently Spiniferites cingulatus subsp. intermedius, thirdly Spiniferites? cingulatus subsp. intermedius, fourthly (and now) Pterodinium cingulatum subsp. intermedium.  Age: Senonian. Parent: Spiniferites cingulatus