Spiniferites ramosus subsp. multibrevis

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"subsp. multibrevis" (Davey and Williams, 1966a, p.35-36, pl.1, fig.4; pl.4, fig.6; text-fig.9) Lentin and Williams, 1973, p.130.  Holotype: Davey and Williams, 1966a, pl.4, fig.6; Bujak et al., 1980, pl.4, figs.3,6.  Originally Hystrichosphaera ramosa var. multibrevis, subsequently Spiniferites ramosus var. multibrevis, thirdly Spiniferites ramosus subsp. multibrevis, fourthly Spiniferites multibrevisTaxonomic senior synonym (at specific rank): Galea (now Spiniferites) twistringiensis, according to Sarjeant (1983, p.94-95).  Taxonomic junior synonym (at subspecific rank): Achomosphaera (as Spiniferites) cambra, according to Jain (1982, p.51).  Age: Late Cretaceous. Parent: Spiniferites ramosus