Albertia recticornis

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"*recticornis" Vozzhennikova, 1967, p.151–152, pl.77, figs.1–4; pl.78, figs.1–3; pl.79, figs.1–2.  Holotype: Vozzhennikova, 1967, pl.77, fig.2; Lentin and Vozzhennikova, 1990, pl.3, fig.10; text-fig.13B (see discussion under Alterbidinium recticorne).  Lectotype: Vozzhennikova, 1967, pl.77, fig.1, designated by Stover and Evitt (1978, p.93); however, see discussion under Alterbidinium recticorne.  Originally Albertia (generic name illegitimate), subsequently Alterbia (combination illegitimate), thirdly AlterbidiniumTaxonomic senior synonym: Deflandrea (now Alterbidinium) acutula, according to Whitney (1979, p.125) and Lentin and Williams (1993, p.14).  Following I.C.N. Article 55.1, the species name Albertia recticornis is validly published even though the generic name Albertia is illegitimate.  Age: Turonian.

Parent: Albertia_Vozzhennikova 1967