Alterbidinium recticorne

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"*recticorne" (Vozzhennikova, 1967, p.151–152, pl.77, figs.1–4; pl.78, figs.1–3; pl.79, figs.1–2) Harker and Sarjeant in Harker et al., 1990, p.104.  Holotype: Vozzhennikova, 1967, pl.77, fig.2; Lentin and Vozzhennikova, 1990, pl.3, fig.10; text-fig.13B.  Lectotype: Vozzhennikova, 1967, pl.77, fig.1, designated by Stover and Evitt (1978, p.93); however, see discussion below.  Originally Albertia (generic name illegitimate), subsequently Alterbia (combination illegitimate), thirdly AlterbidiniumTaxonomic senior synonym: Deflandrea (now Alterbidinium) acutula, according to Whitney (1979, p.125) and Lentin and Williams (1993, p.14).  The nomenclatural type of the genus Alterbidinium remains the holotype of Alterbidinium recticorneVozzhennikova (1967, p.151) designated the holotype by means of a "preparation" number and reference to her pl.77, figs.1–2.  However, these two illustrations are of different specimens.  I.C.N. Article 43.3 indicates that for fossils prior to 2001, holotype designation does not need to be tied directly to a particular figure and hence this species name was validly published by Vozzhennikova (1967).  Stover and Evitt (1978, p.93) designated the specimen illustrated in Vozzhennikova (1967, pl.77, fig.1) as lectotype.  However, Lentin and Vozzhennikova (1990, p.32) implied that the originally intended holotype is the specimen illustrated in Vozzhennikova (1967, pl.77, fig.2); so the latter must supersede Stover and Evitt's lectotype designation.  Age: Turonian.

Parent: Alterbidinium