Baltisphaeridium longispinosum var. uncinatum Appendix A

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"var. uncinatum" (Downie, 1958, p.337, text-fig.2a) Downie and Sarjeant, 1965, p.92.  Holotype: Downie, 1958, text-fig.2a.  NOW Stellechinatum uncinatum (Appendix A).  Originally Hystrichosphaeridium longispinosum var. uncinatum, subsequently Baltisphaeridium longispinosum var. uncinatum, thirdly Baltisphaeridium uncinatum (Appendix A), fourthly Micrhystridium uncinatum (Appendix A), fifthly Goniosphaeridium uncinatum (Appendix A), sixthly Polygonium uncinatum (Appendix A), seventhly Goniosphaeridium polygonale subsp. uncinatum (combination not validly published, Appendix A), eighthly (and now) Stellechinatum uncinatum (Appendix A).  Taxonomic junior synonym: Goniosphaeridium regulare Yin Leiming in Chen Junyuan et al., 1985, an acritarch species, according to Yin Leiming (1986, p.347).  Age: Early Ordovician.

Parent: Baltisphaeridium longispinosum_Appendix A