Hystrichosphaera furcata

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"*furcata" (Ehrenberg, 1837b, pl.1, figs.12,14) Deflandre, 1937b, p.61.  Holotype: not designated.  Originally Xanthidium furcatum (Appendix A), subsequently Hystrichosphaera furcata, thirdly Ovum hispidum subsp. furcatum (Appendix A), fourthly Spiniferites furcatus (combination not validly published).  Taxonomic senior synonym: Xanthidium (as Hystrichosphaera, now Spiniferites) ramosum, according to Davey and Williams (1966a, p.29–33).  Taxonomic junior synonym: Geodia? tripunctata (Appendix A), according to Sarjeant (1964b, p.175).  The nomenclatural type of the genus Hystrichosphaera remains Hystrichosphaera furcata (although no holotype has been designated).  This combination was not validly published in Wetzel (1933b, p.34) since the generic name Hystrichosphaera was not validly published until 1937.  The validity/authorship of this name may need to be reconsidered as it appears that Ehrenberg (1837b) did not provide a description.  Age: Late Cretaceous.

Parent: Hystrichosphaera

Infrataxon List: