Ovum hispidum subsp. furcatum Appendix A

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"subsp. furcatum" (Ehrenberg, 1837b, pl.1, figs.12,14) Downie and Sarjeant, 1965, p.174.  Holotype: not designated.  Combination not validly published: specific name not validly published, basionym not fully referenced, and combination not intended.  Originally Xanthidium furcatum (Appendix A), subsequently Hystrichosphaera furcata, thirdly Ovum hispidum subsp. furcatum (combination not validly published), fourthly Spiniferites furcatus (combination not validly published).  Taxonomic senior synonym: Xanthidium (as Hystrichosphaera; now Spiniferites) ramosum, according to Davey and Williams (1966a, p.29–33).  Taxonomic junior synonym: Geodia? tripunctata (Appendix A), according to Sarjeant (1964a, p.175).  Downie and Sarjeant (1965, p.174) attributed this combination to Lohmann (1904); however, the combination apparently was not proposed in the latter publication.  Age: Late Cretaceous.

Parent: Ovum hispidum_Appendix A