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SYSTEMATOPHORA Klement, 1960, p.61–62.  Emendations: Brenner, 1988, p.83; Stancliffe and Sarjeant, 1990, p.207–208; Riding and Helby, 2001e, p.123.  Taxonomic junior synonyms: Cleistosphaeridium, according to Islam (1993, p.88) — however, Eaton et al. (2001, p.176) retained Cleistosphaeridium; Hystrichosphaerina, by implication in Downie and Sarjeant (1965, p.146), who transferred the "type species" of Hystrichosphaerina, Hystrichosphaerina schindewolfii, to Systematophora and Brenner (1988, p.83) — however, Stover and Evitt (1978, p.57–58) and Stancliffe and Sarjeant (1990, p.204) retained Hystrichosphaerina; Polystephanephorus, according to Brenner (1988, p.83) — however, Stancliffe and Sarjeant (1990, p.205) retained Polystephanephorus; Polystephanosphaera, according to Sarjeant (1961b, p.1095–1096); Taeniophora, according to Stover and Evitt (1978, p.84) — however, Sarjeant (1984a, p.166) retained Taeniophora.  Courtinat, Londeix and Pourtoy in Fauconnier and Masure (2004, p.525) listed Taeniophora as a taxonomic junior synonym of Systematophora but did not list the type, Taeniophora iunctispina, within the latter genus.  Moreover, Courtinat and Begouën in Fauconnier and Masure (2004, p.545) listed Taeniophora as a separate genus, a treatment followed here.  Type: Klement, 1960, pl.9, figs.1–3, as Systematophora areolata.

Parent: Subfamily Leptodinioideae

Species List: