Systematophora schindewolfii

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"schindewolfii" (Alberti, 1961, p.38–39, pl.10, figs.1–3,6–7) Downie and Sarjeant, 1965, p.146.  Holotype: Alberti, 1961, pl.10, figs.2–3; Eisenack and Kjellström, 1972, p.1009; Fensome et al., 1995, figs.2–3 — p.1765.  NOW Hystrichosphaerina.  Originally (and now) Hystrichosphaerina, subsequently Systematophora, thirdly Polystephanephorus.  Taxonomic senior synonym: Hystrichosphaeridium (as and now Oligosphaeridium) anthophorum, according to Davey (1979c, p.65) — however, Lentin and Williams (1981, p.150) retained Systematophora (as Hystrichosphaerina) schindewolfii.  Taxonomic junior synonym: Perisseiasphaeridium eisenackii, according to Davey and Verdier (1974, p.640).  Age: late Barremian–Turonian.

Parent: Systematophora